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Itinerary: 6 hours
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            From Farming to Fishing Life Tour is the very special tour that is designed to bring visitors the most beautiful sceneries of the countryside about the Farmer and Fishermen life in Hoi An town - Viet Nam. By exploring the little and narrow roads along the countryside by bicycle by seeing such as The Water Buffalos, rice paddle field, plenty of organic vegetables, local farming people. You will be amazed how peaceful and friend people are Furthermore touching the fishing life by catching fish with the local fishermen’s net, learning how to ride funny basket boat, visiting the beautiful Water Coconut Palm Paradise with its very interesting story to learn about. From Farming to Fishing Life Tour will be a very unique and special tour that is committed to providing you "A CULTURAL WINDOW INTO THE VIETNAMESE WAY OF LIFE"


  • Pick up Guests at hotel by bicycles ( bicycles will be transferred to hotel by Eco-tour ), start riding to The Vegetable village over small beautiful narrow roads visit countryside life views  such as rice paddle fields, water buffalos, bamboo bridges, local farmers on farming shrimp on the daily works…
  • Getting to The Village to visit the local farming garden with plenty of vegetables such as mints, basils, salads, corianders, lettuces…..
  • Come and visit one of the Farmer families, sharing and learning about& nbsp; farming life experience; such as watering vegetables, hoeing soil with the farmer.....
  • Getting into Eco-tour boats from The Vegetable village bridge (depending on number persons of group tour, Eco-tour will set up boats to take Guests for its safety and convenience.

  • Arriving nearby the mouth of the Cua Dai Sea where the end of Hoi An river meets the sea, getting to along the coastline visiting the local fishing life
  • Learning and sharing fishing experience with local fishermen by joining and catching fish with unique fishing nets
  • Learn how to ride funny basket boat
  • Getting back aboard the boat to explore the water palm coconut paradise.
  • Hear and learning about Viet Nam War between The Viet Cong local troops and The American southern troops with interesting & true stories about the War time from 1962 till 1974.
  • Keep discovering the beautiful water coconut palm canal paradise by watching birds, observing the fishing life along the palm canal. Paradise by Basket Boat
  • Arriving at a local fishing village at the palm canal paradise  which was bombed by the American southern Army to visit local fishing people life were involved in the war time such as  meeting and seeing the former Viet Cong guerilla soldiers, hearing more exciting story about Viet Cong life then.
  • Back on the Eco-Tour Boat by way of basket boat to enjoy seafood on boat
  • Tour finished, tour guide drops guests off at hotel by bicycle
Price: Contact for best price


  1. 1 cold beer & 1 water for person
  2. English speaking tour guide fees
  3. Boat & Bicycles  transportation
  4. Seafood meal on boat (5 dishes )
  5. Pick up & drop off hotel
  6. Tickets


  1. Passenger insurance
  2. Tour package is exclusive of 5 % VAT


Cancel policy:

  1. The program can change to suit for the true demand and local climate, however, still make sure the right program. If cut down, it must have the agreement from passengers
  2. Before 4 days: No charge
  3. Before 2 days: Charge 50%      
  4. On the day of tour: Charge 100%
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