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Green tour in Hue: Thuy Bieu- Tam Giang tour

Hue has become an attractive destination on the map of Vietnam tourism. However, in order to place deep impression on tourists, tourism products play an important role, especially products, which show different, new experience. These tourist products must be built base on the development of Hues existing strengths, including Thuy Bieu orchard village (especially famous for its specially Pomelos-“ Thanh Tra”) and The largest lagoon system in South East Asia - Tam Giang.

Capturing new travel trends such as: Travel in small groups, interact, experience life at the destination, save costs, trip flexible in terms of time, integrate multiple of travel purposes... and meeting the increasing needs of tourists on the interaction with the destination, Huetourist has conducted survey and design of the daily tour which is Thuy Bieu - Tam Giang tour.

If you look at the map, you will see the image of the river that covers the water of Thuy Bieu as a gourd surrounding a range of alluvial soil, embracing a clean ecological system, it is standing for the ancient beauty of the famous river- Huong river.

Located 7km in the South-West from Hue city center, Thuy Bieu Ward is not only famous for its tradition of studious learning through Hue folk songs, but also save the history of the book with historical sites such as the Tiger arena and the Elephant temple. Around Thuy Bieu is a famous belt of landscapes and famous ancient buildings. In addition to the legendary river flowing around the commune - and again the most beautiful turn - in the commune has Vong Canh hill, near the Tu Duc Tomb. Across the river, from Vong Canh hill view to the famous Hon Chen.

Van Mieu, Vo Mieu and Thien Mu scenery are on the other side of the river, on the left bank of the Perfume River stretching from Hon Chen Temple to Van, Vo wall  is the area of two communes Huong Ho, Ngoc Ho famous for sweet pomelo.

How wonderful a day! In which you go along Huong river in a dragon boat, biking around the village under the orchard and learn to do farm with a friendly locals

Manual selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to take to home (home built in the ancient house architectural style  - Thuy Bieu homestay - 43 Luong Quan) prepared for delicious lunch together with Hue girl .Then learn how to make pomelos jam or sesame candy and then drink lotus-flavored tea, How a so comfortable life is!

Then eagerly boarded the car toward the Chuon lagoon - part of the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia - Tam Giang.

Tam Giang lagoon will charm those who first come to it. All that you feel here is a peaceful place with the peaceful life ... The people here is friendly and kind.

Tam Giang lagoon is located in the Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon system, which is the largest freshwater lagoon system in our country, covering 68 km in 5 districts of Thua Thien Hue province. The lagoon system consists of four lagoons running from north to south, with the Tam Giang lagoon area of 52 km2 and 24 km long. Tam Giang lagoon has a depth of 2m to 4m, even  up to 7m of depth. It is the convergence of three large rivers, O Lau River, Huong River and Bo River before reaching the sea through Thuan An.

The color of water is change by time from yellow to red and then purple. Water is like the mirror of the cloudy sky. That's why every visitor here wants to wander the boat to immerse in the immense sky and enjoy the poetic romance. It will be an exciting experience if you get a good night's sleep on this lagoon, feel the fresh air and enjoy the natural produce.

Most of the people live in aquaculture. The night is also the time the villager  boat out to the lagoon, netting, fishing for sale the next morning. Each small fishing part of lagoon has a Cho house (the kind of small local house), enough for 3-4 people living. The people here are gentle, dedicated and especially hospitable. They are friendly to almost guest.

It is a highly biodivesity lagoon with abundant genetic resources, both on land and in aquatic plants. In addition to the daily activities of the lagoon residents, you can also visit some scenic sites along the way.

The most beautiful scene when coming to Tam Giang Lagoon this season is probably dawn and sunset. The blazing sun is like a red diamond on the water. All become wonderful, creating a peaceful and romantic picture.

The afternoon on the Tam Giang lagoon is a breathtaking natural landscape that has gone into poetry, music, and a lot of photos. It looks like a gentle, romantic lyrical.

The sunshine on the water, which prints clouds on water face, which will appear in front of our eyes will be a vivid picture. Next, you and local fishers go to dock, pull the net between Tam Giang lagoon. And if you have not experienced it before, maybe you will fear of the crabs that just crawled over.  Next is enjoy the fresh seafood on the Chuon Lagoon in the middle of the lagoon, the wind here is very strong to fly your hair and blow away all the troubles in the heart, it is so cool!

When the sun began to turn from orange-red to crimson, it was time to go to the boat to compose beautiful pictures of the romantic sunset, keeping for the unforgettable beautiful memories.

Finish the trip, the car will pick us up you at the boat landing and return to Hue city.

Get ready for a new energetic journey.

This is a great, flexible, economical, and highly interactive tour between the tourist and the destination, which is also easy to set up as part of your long day schedule. If you want to sleep back at garden house in Hue, visitors can also choose Thuy Bieu homestay as your home.

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