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“Thuy Bieu in the morning – Tam Giang in the afternoon” tour

This tour is held everyday.

In the morning, tourists will go on a sightseeing tour of Thanh Tra grapefruit gardens, enjoy Thanh Tra grapefruits’ flavor right in exuberant orchards - local speciality of Thuy Bieu; experience one day as a farmer, bicycle to tour the countryside, enjoying the fresh aroma of country flowers; experience a farmer’s day or together with local people prepare the simple lunch with fresh food right in the garden.

In the afternoon, tourists will come back to Tam Giang Lagoon; explore Chuon Lagoon; experience wonderful moments with the miraculous color changes of water and waves; experience along with local people as fishermen with many activities such as: spreading a net, harvesting seafood from the net, etc; have dinner at Chuon Lagoon with seafood caught from Tam Giang Lagoon; contemplate sunset beauty on Tam Giang Lagoon, etc. At these 2 destinations, they also serve Homestay service for tourists who want to stay overnight.

With a package of 70$/day, you will have an extremely authentic activites tour in Hue. For more information, Please go through http://huetouristvietnam.com or 24/24 english and french calling: 0913 458 464

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