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Quảng Noodles has been listed in the Asian Record

Manager of the Asia Records Organization - Mr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury gave an award “The worth of Asia Cuisine” to twelve of Vietnamese Speciality Dishes due to Asian cuisine standards.

Hoi An’s White Rose cake

Wrose (banh bao vac), a type of shrimp dumpling made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose. Many people like these cakes not only for their delicious flavor but also for their beautiful appearance. The French gave it the name of "white roses".

Fresh Rice Paper In Cam Nam

Cam Nam Village, just a stones throw from the heart of Hoi An’s Old Quarter, typifies the sort of gastronomically experience available to people not afraid of straying from the uninspired menus of the lollipop cute cafes dotting the river’s banks.

Unique “vú nàng” snail Cu Lao Cham island

Upon each occasion from the mainland to Cu Lao Cham island ( Hoi An Ancient Town) met on the full moon, I’ll be the people you go to the beach offers dishes made from “her breast”snails.(ốc “vú nàng”) By simple moon season “vú nàng” snails appear more.

5 Must-try Foods When You Visit Hue

Hue is the place where dining is not to satisfy human basic needs, but a form of art. Hue’s gastronomy is elegant, light and noble, different from other regions’ of Vietnam.